Fourth of July Eve

We decided not to camp out on the Mall tonight…well, it was more like were told that we could not. The Mall opens to the public for fireworks tomorrow at 10 am, so we made a sign up sheet for shifts to hold our spot right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. To get onto the mall we’ll have to go through security check points- it’s the real deal! Before and after my shift we’re going to check out the other Fourth festivities that are going on in DC. I’m having trouble deciding which outfit to wear- a cute t-shirt with an American flag on it or an obnoxious old rodeo shirt that’s red, white and blue with firecrackers and sequins all over it (Shelby, both of these are probably major fashion faux-pas, but these are the kind of things you fill your wardrobe with when you’re a poli-sci major). I’ll for sure be wearing sun screen.

While many of us are looking forward to tomorrow and all of the festivities and traditions that come along with it, let us not forget the real reason for celebrating. Like most holidays, people (myself included, sometimes!) tend to get caught up in traditions that have become commercialized and advertised as things that they really aren’t. So, join me in wishing America a happy 237th birthday tomorrow! But, also have fun at any of the barbecues, pool parties and other events going on tomorrow 🙂 

Tonight I went over to my friend’s apartment for dinner with her and her roommates. After dinner, we were devising our plan for tomorrow and came across this video. While I don’t take it too seriously and do see the humor in it, it’s also saddening and a bit scary to me that the meaning of the Fourth of July is forgotten by so many. Being an American is something to be proud of and the unalienable rights that we exercise everyday are a result of this day, which is something that should not be taken for granted in my opinion. 

On a brighter note, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs about America (I have A LOT so this was a hard choice!)



3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Eve

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  3. Home, sweet home…America. Thanks for sharing, Katie. Hope you have a blast today and that your weather is better than ours…rain all day here. Looks like a movie kind of day. You will be here in one week!!

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